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After 10 years of business we are closing our business down!! We will still be honoring all existing appointments and gift certificates but will not be taking on any new clients or projects. We thank you for supporting our little business over the past ten years.

Beautiful Engagement and Wedding Photography

Best calgary wedding photographer award
Best Calgary Wedding Photographer – Best Calgary Engagement Photographers

We are thrilled to announce that we have been selected as Best Engagement & Wedding Photographers for Greater Calgary by LUXlife magazine!!.

This incredible honour would not be possible without the amazing people that make up our little company. Unlike many awards, LuxLife not only base their awards on overall photographic quality, but also on client satisfaction.

LuxLife Magazine states “Our awards work on the basis of merit and quality, not upon the number of votes or size of your institution, ensuring that the many independent and boutique businesses who form a vital part of the wedding industry receive the recognition they deserve. To move successfully from nominee to winner, there must be evidence of extensive expertise and skills, dedication to customer service and client satisfaction with an ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation.

Welcome to Calgary Wedding Photographers – Patton Photography, a photography studio specializing in engagement and wedding photography. Serving the Calgary region as well as worldwide locations for engagement and wedding photography. 

Perhaps an intimate wedding ceremony in a Calgary church or hotel ballroom is your plan. Considering a helicopter trip to a mountain peak in the Rockies, or a wedding ceremony on a beach in Mexico? In fact, no idea is too elaborate.

We started our Calgary Wedding Photography studio in 2010, and specialize in capturing dramatic and beautiful photographs. While we are based in Calgary, we also photograph weddings in Canmore, Inveremere, and worldwide destinations. One of my biggest loves is the love of travel, needless to say, I am always up to travel to virtually any location you have in mind.

Call us today for a relaxing consultation over a cup of coffee! We would love to be a part of your photographic experience. 

So…how do we describe our engagement photography and wedding photography styles?

Our Photography Style

Calgary Wedding Photographers that capture the special moments, that are dramatic and bold yet soft and whimsical.  When the memories fade, you will have beautiful photos to tell the story of the fun and the love. Using a combination of lighting and poses coupled with natural features, our photography has a modern yet stylish look to them.  Offering professional equipment and photographers, we are your best choice for Calgary wedding photography or Calgary engagement photographers.

We know many of the best Calgary wedding venues and venues in the surrounding areas. We will ensure that we suggest the location that will match your personal taste. From large-scale high-end wedding photography to small intimate events, we have the perfect team to meet your vision. 

Whether it is a local Calgary wedding or you are looking for destination wedding photographers, be sure to check out our wedding resources and portfolio. We have the experience to help you with all aspects of your wedding day. Suggesting wedding photo locations to helping with your timeline. Even helping mend a seam on your wedding dress, we have the experience to ensure even the smallest details are taken care of. Above all, we want your wedding day to be perfect and exactly what you have dreamt of.

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We like the style of Patton Photography….what is next?

Firstly, let’s meet for a stress-free conversation over coffee.  We will show you more photographs from past weddings and explain our photography style. In addition, we will provide you with an information package to help you plan your wedding.  As we finish our coffee, you will have a better understanding of what photography packages offer and what to look for.  This will allow you to truly pick the wedding photographer and also the package that is ideal for you.  This coffee also gives us a chance to meet and ensure that our personalities ‘click’.

There are many Calgary wedding photographers and so be sure you truly like the one you are considering. Do you like their style? Are they willing to listen to your vision? Are they licensed and insured? Do they have back-up equipment?

We do not believe in high pressure sales tactics or ‘discounts’ that rapidly expire if you don’t sign with us immediately. We want you to choose your wedding photographer after you have had time to fully understand what each offers and because they are the right wedding photographers for you.

Once you have both discussed it and chosen your photographer, we would send you an electronic copy of our contract and invoice.  Our easy payment system allows you to make payments on your account anytime you like in any amount you like. There are no structured payments you must meet, and everything is electronic, you can do it all from the comfort of your couch. We believe that our business goes beyond just taking the photos, but extends to ensuring our clients have a truly wonderful experience from the moment we first meet. We want to be provide the absolute best service out of all the Calgary wedding photographers.

We Start With Your Engagement Photos

Your engagement photography session would follow.  This engagement session allows you to get used to being in front of the camera and also to determine if there is a specific style of photo you are most drawn to.  Don’t worry if you are nervous about posing or being in front of the camera, that is quite natural. Part of our job is to coach you through how to pose and the little nuances that will make your photos look their best.

We are with you every step of the way to help you have the wedding of your dreams.  Have a question, even if it is not about photography, always feel free to ask us.  Having been through many weddings, we likely have an answer that will help, or likely know who to ask to get you the best advice. 

While we use two wedding photographers during the wedding, our engagement photography sessions use just the one photographer. This ensures that the session is relaxed and comfortable allowing you to try all the little tips and tricks we will give you to make your engagement photographs look their absolute best.

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Calgary Wedding Photography

We have tried to offer a lot of insight into who we are, both as a company as well as personally. We believe that your vendors should be doing their best to achieve your dream day. Regardless if it is a wedding at a high-end resort or a small backyard affair, every event is important. We want to ensure that we not only meet your wedding photography expectations but that we exceed them. There is no shortage of Calgary Wedding Photographers, so ensuring that you find someone that matches your style is important.

Take your time looking through our portfolio and photography pricing. Be sure to also go through the ‘About Us‘ section. A major part of working with people is ensuring that the personalities all ‘click’. We tend to be adventurous, goofy, and sometimes spur of the moment. We may be walking on a trail, and suddenly I will see something that causes me to totally change course.

Similarly, our clients tend to be slightly adventurous people who are happy to wander through the trees and sometimes climb up on a rock. We are comfortable both hiking through the Rocky Mountains and in a formal high-end wedding. Regardless of your wedding style, give us a call, we would love to talk with you about your wedding.

Two Wedding Photographers

There are many varying opinions on the perfect number of wedding photographers for a wedding. We truly feel that two wedding photographers are the best choice, hence why we include two in most of our wedding options. This allows one photographer to take the lead while the other is capturing candid photos from a different angle photos. Having two photographers also reduces how much movement is required to capture all the beautiful images of your wedding day. This movement is distracting during times when all eyes should be on you.

We also recognize that a sense of privacy is important during the getting ready portion of your day. For this reason, we always strive to ensure that we have a male and female photographer shooting your wedding. During the getting ready phase, our female photographer will photograph the girls. As for myself, I will go with the guys. This helps calm any concerns about a guy randomly walking around while the ladies get ready.

Your Wedding Should Be About You

Ultimately, we want your wedding to be your perfect day. Even if you choose not to work with us on your wedding day, if you have questions, ask us, we will always try to provide you with an honest answer. We never want to be the center of attention at your wedding. We do our utmost to not use any flash during the ceremony.

Likewise, during your first dance, you will not find us in the middle of the floor taking pictures. This is your day, you are the center of attention. We have hand selected all our equipment to allow for us to remain hidden while still getting the close-up photos, to adjust settings on equipment without running across the dance floor.

Consequently, we have invested heavily in specialized lighting and lenses to allow us to control lights remotely. Lenses that allow us to remain hidden while getting the perfect photograph of you both. We will dress appropriately, and act professionally at all times. Check out our reviews to hear from some of out past clients.

This is your wedding day, and we want it to be perfect for you in every detail. We have put a lot of thought into how we can offer the best Calgary Wedding Photographers and put every effort into ensuring we do our best for every client.

Patton Photography – Calgary Wedding Photographers and Calgary Engagement Photographers was listed as one of the best wedding photographers in Calgary (2020). Click the logo below to see other amazing businesses that Calgary has to offer.

Best of Calgary Wedding Photographers 2020
Top wedding photographers in Calgary

We are proud to say we have a 5 star rating based on reviews across Google, Facebook, WeddingWire…anywhere we can find reviews that people have left. We take the satisfaction of all our wedding photography clients very seriously and strive to ensure that every client has exceptional service. What does it take to be ranked as one of the top wedding photographers in Calgary? A lot of hard work and a true commitment to providing our clients with the absolute best in imagery and service.

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Thinking of having a small elopement instead? We would love to talk with you. While we market ourselves as Calgary wedding photographers, we pride ourselves on providing the best possible service to all our clients. We love small intimate elopements and would love to talk with you about photographing your amazing elopement.

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Take some time to look through our wedding resources page specially designed for the future bride and groom. Questions on what is a reasonable price for a Calgary wedding photographer, how to pin a boutonniere, even some example timelines.

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We offer a wide variety of Calgary photography services. If you are looking for exceptional service for your project, contact us anytime.