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Your professional headshot is IMPORTANT!!! It is the first chance a potential employer or client gets to make their first impression about you. It may not be what gets you the job or seals the contract, but a bad headshot puts you even further behind than having none at all. Patton Photography is here to offer amazing Calgary headshot Photographer services.

What Makes a Great Headshot?

A headshot is typically a photograph, taken from the chest up, with even lighting across the face and without strong shadows. A great headshot though is much more. While it is still typically taken from the chest up, it is about how the image makes the person viewing it feel. Does it create a sense of trust and calm within them, a sense that you are a true professional that they can ensure their business or project to.

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A great headshot is about exposing your personality. It is a combination of poses, backgrounds, facial expressions, and a thousand other things that create the perfect look for the message you want to convey.

As a Calgary headshot photographer, we are able to offer a variety of options to our clients. We offer professional headshots that are customized to your business. Many of our business clients love our grey backdrop with graduated lighting, while others prefer a black and white image on white backgrounds. Others, prefer to do photos in the environment that the person works in. The options are endless and we can offer you exceptional service in any environment.

We explain to all our clients the basics of posing so that you can incorporate the techniques into all your photos. We will explain why we position body parts in certain ways, and then allow you to make the pose comfortable to you. This technique creates a sense of confidence while allowing you to be relaxed as you understand everything that is happening.

Calgary Headshot Photographer 2
Calgary Headshot Photographer 2

Can You Come to our Workplace?

If it is okay with your employer, we are happy to travel to your worksite to create a great headshot for you. In many cases, you will find that several colleagues will also want professional headshots to update what they have, or to get them done for the first time. In this case, we can create a special pricing package for you that will work for everyone. We refer to ourselves as Calgary headshot photographers, however, we are able to virtually travel anywhere to do professional headshots for you and your team.

How Long Does It Take To Get The Images Back?

We will have the images back to you within three days typically. Need them faster? Let us know and we will do our best to work within your timeframe. In some cases, we have images back to clients within a matter of hours. For larger groups, we will often shoot ‘tethered’ which immediately imports photos into our computer and applies basic adjusts to them. This allows our clients to get a basic sneak peek of the image ahead of time and saves time in post processing as some of the work is already done for us.

How Much Editing Do You Do?

Your professional headshot needs to be an accurate representation of you. For this reason, we only do enough editing to make your already great headshot look just a tad bit better. We will clean up any flyaway hairs, lint specks, or blemishes to ensure that there is nothing distracting that takes away from you. Our editing workflow is designed to maintain your look while simply cleaning up the image slightly.

How Do I Select The Images That I Want?

Good News….you don’t!!! You get all the edited images that are in your gallery!! We do not limit how many photos you get to keep, do you like 8 photos? Awesome, download all of them. You like 12 of your great headshots? Even better…download them all!!

How Do We Receive Our Headshots?

All the edited images will go into a private online gallery that you have access to. From this gallery, you can download the images anytime you want. All our galleries are active for a period of six months, giving you lots of time to download the images.

Pricing and Booking Your Headshot

Check out our webpage here to book your professional headshot. Alternatively, look for Calgary Headshot Photographer under our Photography Services tab in the top menu.

Calgary Headshot Photographer

Patton Photography is a professional photography studio based out of Calgary, Alberta. Our signature style offers a clean and modern look to your photographs while maintaining a professional headshot. Contact us anytime to sit down over coffee for a stress-free conversation.

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