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The family of Calgary Wedding Photography
Our incredible family – Calgary wedding photographer

Welcome to Patton Photography – Calgary Wedding Photographer. I am David and am the lead photographer for our photography company. In addition to being the lead photographer, I tend to be the all-around odd job ninja. From taking the photographs to programming the code for our website. As well as sorting our taxes, and also randomly wandering exploring new photography locations. Indeed, I am personally involved in every aspect of our business. With the support of my amazing wife Keli and our two young kids, our small business has grown into a fun yet professional Calgary wedding photography company. 

The style of our wedding photography is one that is vibrant and dramatic however is still soft and romantic. By combining these two styles, we can offer our clients a wide selection of photos. In addition, our photos offer a wide selection of styles that best match the situation.

Some Random Facts About Us

When not taking photos:

  • we are spending time with our kids playing at a local park
  • camping at one of the many beautiful campgrounds Alberta has to offer
  • We LOVE coffee – from regular coffee to fancy lattes.
  • We are parents of young kids and are loving it, although tired, we wouldn’t change it for anything
  • I LOVE to travel, having traveled to 20+ countries such as the Czech Republic, camping in the Amazon Jungle, even doing a 15-day trek into Mount Everest
  • Have I mentioned that we LOVE coffee…(could be the result of having two young children though)
  • While we use all modern equipment and techniques, we have a great collection of antique cameras
Looking towards Mt Everest basecamp
Looking towards Mount Everest basecamp – Calgary Photographer

We have been fortunate to have worked with some of the most amazing people on the planet.  Our clients, other photographers and wedding vendors, officiants, and so many families who have accepted us into their family for one of the most special days in their lives.  Above all, we always feel honored to have our clients place their trust in us and have loved getting to know each and every one.

Finally, we can assist you in every step of planning your wedding day.  From helping suggest amazing wedding venues, sorting out a timeline, and even doing minor sewing fixes on your wedding dress on the morning of your wedding, we have done it all. 

Calgary Wedding Photographer

Mt Everest basecamp
Standing at Mount Everest Basecamp – Calgary Photographer

I have been asked who inspires my photographic style the most. It is an easy answer for me. When I started out I was like many people and lost in the type of style I was trying to attain. That changed when I discovered a photographer out of Northern California by the name of Ed Pingol. I was immediately blown away by his style and studied his incredible use of light. With a saturated, dramatically lit photographic style, I knew I had found the style that I wanted to guide myself by.

Since that groundbreaking discovery for me, I have taken inspiration from several other wedding photographers with similar styles. Inspiration from wedding photographers around the world has helped me form a style that I call my own.

I still spend hours looking through portfolios of other photographers for inspiration and am constantly adjusting to bring something new to all our amazing clients

Interested in learning about the equipment we use? Check out our photography equipment list!

Patton Photography is a professional photography studio based out of Calgary, Alberta. Our signature style offers a clean and modern look to your photographs. Contact us anytime to sit down over coffee for a stress-free conversation.