Professional Calgary Headshot Photographer

Calgary Headshot Photographer

First Impressions Matter!! Your professional headshot is likely to be the first image a potential client sees of you. While a strong headshot might not land the contract, a bad headshot has already set you behind. That is why, as a Calgary Headshot Photographer, we take the time to create amazing professional headshots for you.

Your headshot is more than just a picture, it is an investment in your career. Whether you are a corporate executive, an actor, or anywhere in between, a professional headshot gives potential clients and employers, the first impression that you are a true professional.

Your headshot is the primary image you present to the professional world – you will be judged on that headshot. You want to be noticed, but for the right reasons (not because your headshot is simply bad … that’s the wrong sort of notice).

We know this and we take the time to get the best from you. These aren’t rushed 5-minute sessions (though if we get the shots in 5 minutes we will be thrilled!) – our standard forty-five-minute session allows us lots of time to ensure that you get what you want and need from your image. You have the time to switch outfits, try different poses, and simply relax, allowing you to get amazing images.

We believe in providing both quality and quantity to all our clients. We will provide you with different poses, different angles, both standing and sitting. This ensures that you get the look that you want, and offers you the option to use different photos for different purposes.

All our images are post-processed and retouched – just enough to make you look your best. Our retouching is about providing minor cosmetic fixes. After all, your headshot has to be a fair and recognizable representation of you.

Calgary Headshot Prices

For something as important as your professional image, we believe in providing exceptional service at a reasonable price. Our individual headshot sessions are priced at $135 and include as many photos as we can take within the time frame. We quite often surpass 25 images for our clients, there is no need to pick your favorites or purchase extras, you get all the edited images. These individual sessions are conducted at our location in the community of Mahogany.

Require the photos to be conducted elsewhere? Let u know and we will supply you with a proper quote. If you require hair and/or make-up services, let us know, we know the best hair and make-up artists. HMUA services are billed as an extra add-on cost.

Are you a business looking for multiple headshots? Let us know and we can work out a bulk package price for you that fits your budget. Best of all, we will come to you!! Our portable backdrop and lighting system allow us to set up virtually anywhere.

What Files Do We Get?

We provide both color and B&W copies of each image as well as a combination of both landscape and portrait orientations. If you, or your company, require special sizing or formats, let us know and we are happy to provide those for you. As your Calgary headshot photographer, we provide you with everything you need to create an amazing headshot.

All images are supplied by digital download from your private online gallery. Galleries remain active for six months giving you lots of time to download your images.

Calgary Headshot Photographer 2
Calgary Headshot Photographer 2

Will You Edit The Headshots?

Your professional headshot needs to be an accurate representation of you. While we post process and edit all your headshots, we keep it to a minimal level. We will touch up flyaway hairs, blemishes, lint specks and similar distractions. As a professional Calgary photographer, we believe in making you look your best through natural methods. Adjust your posing, explaining aspects of posing, and keeping the session light hearted, you will look your best without the need for high end Photoshop work.

Stay tuned while we create our blog post on How To Look Your Best For Professional Headshots!!

What Style Of Headshots Do You Photograph?

Being a headshot photographer, we have the ability to adapt our equipment to work in virtually any environment or style that you are looking for. See some different styles from our great friends at Unasplash to get an idea of different headshot styles that we can do. We offer a variety of studio backgrounds as well, from pure white to grey, to black. As well, we have the ability to create many different colors through the use of color lighting.

Calgary Headshot Photographer

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