Sarah & Tanner

David Patton, (and Nathalie) are masters of their craft. We first met with David long before the wedding at a coffee shop. From that day on we knew that we had the perfect person for the job. David came prepared with many examples of all the shots that he would get, noting all of the equipment that he would have.

He is way more than prepared. He had tonnes of memory cards and batteries with many different lenses that he quickly changed as required. Now any great photographer that knows their stuff can do this, but it is David’s ability to use lights that takes him to the next level. He can quickly set up multiple flashes and move them without you even noticing. This results in unique photos that feel magical and surreal with us focused.

During our ceremony, if he didn’t have all of the photos I wouldn’t have even known he was there. After when we went for after ceremony photos, it was quick and easy because when we had our engagement photo session with David, where we got a session on tips for posing and making the most of our photos. Speaking of this session, it was amazing. We had an amazing time at a place that was suggested by him, because we really weren’t sure where to go!
Everything went exactly to plan and our photos look amazing.

David also always has someone that he shoots with, so we were able to have one person with the men and one with the woman so we could document the whole day. This was probably the best bit, because not everything at a wedding can go smoothly, but Patton Photography managed it all beautifully.

One final word, if you need any advice on other wedding stuff, David will know. We heard about our liquor guy from David, who was also amazing.

Thank you so much David and Nathalie!!!