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Patton Photography will not be taking any further weddings for 2023 / 2024 until further notice.

Our Wedding Portfolio

Welcome to the wedding photography portfolio page for Patton Photography. All our images are from actual weddings and engagements. We photograph in opposing styles to offer you the best selection. We photograph both with dramatic lighting as well as soft and romantic. These opposing styles ensure that we offer a selection of images that impresses everyone.

Unlike many wedding photographers, we do not photograph styled photoshoots and use those in our wedding photography portfolio. We feel that taking an afternoon to set-up and perfect a shot is not real life. Real weddings require you to think quickly and adapt to ever-changing conditions. During your wedding, you want a wedding photography team that can adapt to any situation. To know that you can trust them to take the perfect photo while you enjoy every moment of your wedding day.

Your Perfect Photo Style

We want photos that you will absolutely love for years to come. So…how do we achieve this? First, it starts at our wedding consult, where we learn about you and your vision for your photos. We take that and then find the perfect photography location for your photos. Want photos that are dramatic, even if you are not the mountain climbing type? We can do that for you. Something soft and romantic…we have the locations that will make you fall in love all over again.

Ultimately, we want your photos to be something that you have always dreamed of. When talking with photographers, always be sure to ask, how many of the portfolio photos are from styled shoots. These are photograph sessions that are not actual weddings, but posed photos used for portfolio building. While these photos show a level of expertise that the photographer can achieve, they are shot with preparation and minimal stress. On a wedding day, the photographers are busy adapting to situations, changing lighting, and timelines. Your photographers need to be able to create amazing photographs under the pressure of a real wedding day.

Let’s Chat

If you like the look of our photos, be sure to contact us anytime to sit down over coffee and talk about your wedding. Our wedding photography consultations are always stress-free and relaxed. We do not believe in high-pressure sales tactics. We want people to choose us because they truly want to work with us. We will explain all the various aspects of wedding photography as well as how we work. This will give you the confidence to make an informed decision and find the photographer that is best for you.

If there is a particular group of photos that you are drawn to or an idea that you have, let us know.

People will sometimes say that we have too broad of a focus, between wedding photography, commercial product, sports composite, there is no way we can be good at all of it. We believe that the opposite is true. Having an understanding of lighting and product placement ensures that we capture beautiful detail shots of your rings and jewelry. Understanding composite layering, allows us to quickly remove random people and objects from the backgrounds of your photos. Understanding complex lighting situations allow us to create dramatic wedding photographs while still having the ability to shoot natural light.

This rounded experience ensures that regardless of the situation, we can adapt to it. From a dark reception space to a mountain top engagement session, we have the experience and equipment to create beautiful images.

Be sure to view our other photography divisions to see how we can utilize some of those techniques to enhance your wedding photographs.

Calgary Wedding Photography

Patton Photography is a professional photography studio based out of Calgary, Alberta. Our signature style offers a clean and modern look to your photographs while maintaining a look that is romantic and whimsical. Contact us anytime to sit down over coffee for a stress-free conversation. Check out our Instagram page and Facebook page for our latest work

Calgary Wedding Photography
Calgary Wedding Photography